Side hustles and micro retailers are our favourite guests in the Sandbox, especially as we know how much energy you put into getting your
products into the market. We appreciate the effort and cost of showcasing your product around the UK, whether that be online or physically at market opportunities. We have a solution for you. 

We will sell your product on your behalf in a prime retail location in Cambridge, among multiple other products from the micro business community. This means you can continue doing what you do for your business (maybe even take a day off), whilst you get the benefit of your product being in front of consumers without the need for you being in the room.

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“The benefit of having products in a physical space in the build up to Christmas is fantastic, it is exciting that we can offer that opportunity to the micro business community and give them the gift of time to allow them to focus on the other balls they are juggling”
Alex, founder of Shifties


In the adaptive retail space that Sook have provided, your brand will be on display throughout the day in a busy shopping centre with content you can upload straight into Canva for us to use. You are welcome to provide our professional sales team with assets like leaflets that can go with your products, we will encourage consumers to engage with your brand online regardless.

They can do so with your QR code on show. Most importantly we want to bring extra revenue to your business, behind Sandbox is a community of micro business owners called Shifties, all dedicated to supporting growth opportunities for all those that engage with us and our growth partners.

Photo courtesy of Sook

Follow the link below to find out more about Shifties and join the Shifties community for free.


Engage with our
Sandbox CoRetail team

Confirm the opportunity is there for you

Book your sandbox co-retail day

Send us a selection of your products that you choose to sell to Cambridge Shoppers

We will report back to you on the sales

Within seven working days we will pay out the full sales price of all products sold minus the 1.69% transaction fee.